Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fischer Audio Tandem Quick Review

Fischer Audio Tandem Quick Review

Brief: A Dual driver from Fischer Audio but this time dynamics.

Price: £75

Specification: Impedance 36Ohm, Cable Length 1.2m, Sensitivity 105dB, Frequency Range 20 - 20,000 Hz Driver 2 9mm dynamic drivers

Accessories: 1 Set of Bi Flanges, 3 Silicone Ear Tips (S/M/L), Storage Case, Warranty Card (I counted 8 pairs of tips in my box including a pair of triflanges)

Build Quality: Looks a bit plastic and very light but feels and the cable feels very nice, cloth covered and super flexible.

Isolation: Meh, about enough for walking about or on a bus but really not for Tube use or long flights.

Comfort/Fit: Pretty good. They are rather big but they are super light. It does mean they sit pretty shallow which I can’t say I love. Still you get used to that. I’m note sure I’d have said the same if I wore these down however but obviously if it bothers you then wear them up.

Aesthetics: Honestly you aren’t buying these for their looks. They look a bit naf. Plastic and with their big red and blue circles I did mentally flash “Fischer Price” but it’s not like they are ugly or anything. Cables nice though.

Sound: Love it. It’s got great effortless dynamics and is fantastically even to both extremes. It’s a touch middy but that’s about it. In the low end its light but quick and has no trouble sustaining any note with no bumps exaggerating things of making it run out of breath. It’s not as impactful as some would want and it doesn’t shift tons of air but it’s got great speed and control. Mids are very neutral, not dry or liquid just smooth and transparent. I love how open they are and natural, almost a little too natural to be real. Highs are wonderfully shimmery and delicate. They don’t really sparkle has they don’t have any hard edge but that’s great by me. They also have a great extension, like the bass there is no spikes to jump out at you and they effortlessly go all the way on up.

Value: If I was buying right now and had a budget of £75 it’s what I would be buying.

Pro’s: Mids, hell everything, I pretty much love these. Dynamics are most impressive.

Con’s: Don’t isolate great and don’t really do aggressive in a way some would want.

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