Saturday, 15 October 2011

Brainwavz Beta v2 Quick Review

Brainwavz Beta v2 Quick Review

Thanks to mp4nation for the review sample

Brief: Brainwavz is kicking ass once again.

Price: US$28.50 or £18.45

Specification: Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 13.5mm, CCAW Drive units, Rated Impedance: 16ohms, Frequency range: 20 ~ 20KHz, Rated input power: 10mW, Maximum input power: 40mW, Plug: 3.5mm, 45 degree, gold-plated, Cable length: 1.2m, 1 year warranty, Dimensions (Packaging): 101 x 72 x 36mm, Net Weight: 13g, Gross Weight: 35g

Accessories: 3 x Pairs of ear tips (S/M/L), 1 x Pair of Comply foam tips S-series, 1 x Instruction manual and 1 year warranty card

Build Quality: Good to fair, nothing wrong with them but doesn’t feel super sturdy like the M1 does. Still is good for the price.

Isolation: Not a lot, a boon if you’re a big jogger perhaps and need to hear things , you know so you don’t get run over and such but I think its pushing the limits of what I’d feel comfortable using on a bus. Who wants to be the irritating chap blasting music out while everyone else wants to throw him under the wheels?

Comfort/Fit: I though it may cause trouble but actually they were really very comfortable. I could wear these up no problem and they weigh practically nothing. They felt safe and secure and id be totally happy wearing these all day long.

Aesthetics: Hmm, there is nothing wrong with how they look per say but I can’t say I really liked them. Brainwavz has a habit of not making the best looking stuff but honestly does it matter?

Sound: Kapow, they may not be a joy and a pleasure to look at but they certainly are to listen to. They are wonderfully balanced, and can turn their skilful hand to anything and produce a cacophony of wondrous noise. Sure they are el cheapo’s and yes they can’t beat a set of GR07’s but they have the same basic style. Do everything and do it well. For the money I cannot hope to pick fault in how they behave. They can go smooth and low, serenade with effortlessly flowing vocals and give a jolly good display in the top end too. Yeah they get a bit muddy and confused if you go loud, fast and complex but they still hold up better than they have any right to at this price. They are great for never ever being offensive or overblown anywhere or doing much of anything wrong. This is so grown up sounding and really is the little IEM that could.

Value: Fab, buy one.

Pro’s: Everything, it sounds so mature and skilful, it can do everything. Stupid cheap.

Con’s: If you need a lot of isolation this aint it, not very pretty to look at.

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