Saturday, 15 October 2011

DUNU Hephaes (DN-16) Quick Review

DUNU Hephaes (DN-16) Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief: Bling Bling!! Bass Bass!!

Price: £57

Specification: Model No. Hephaes (DN-16), Type HQ (9mm), Sound pressure level 105+-2dB, Impedance 16 ohms, F. Response 1OHz~20KHz, Noise Attenuation 26dB, Weight 22g, Plug Size 3.5mm Gold-plated, Cord Length 1.2 m

Accessories: Two cases, 4 pairs of tips and some ear loops.

Build Quality: Excellent, probably one of the best I’ve seen. Everything feels well thought out and very sturdy.

Isolation: It’s pretty reasonable and about what you’d expect for a dynamic. Enough to get run over if you’re not used to IEM’s but nothing you’re really buy for flying. Well I wouldn’t anyway.

Comfort/Fit: Actually better than I thought they might be given their weighty metallic nature and their sculpted metal flames. That was dependant of them sitting reasonably shallow in my ear and using a bigger tip than I usually would but it worked just fine.

Aesthetics: You will either really like it or not. These are not subtle. Still you will have worked that out I’m sure from their picture. I’m not sure I like the flame effect; I’d rather they were just red but that’s just me.

Sound: Big, thick, heavy and bassy. No two ways about it these are pretty much bass monsters and if that’s what you’re looking for then great. No really I mean that, they are as bass monsters go pretty great elsewhere but still they ARE bass monsters. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to live with them every day but that was all that I really didn’t like. They handled themselves well given that quantity and still let everything else come through clearly. Mids and highs were both pretty clean and clear and possessed much more air and transparency than I would have expected given the heaviness of the low end. I’m sure if I were EQ the hell out of them I’d have got on much better with them but then that’s not what these are aiming for. They are big, thick bass monsters and they are aiming at the mainstream “youth” demographic. I could really see a lot of people really, really liking these and finding them a hell of a lot of fun.

Value: £57 is for where these are aimed is probably considered to be a lot for ear phones. To me it’s not really. I’m used to seeing stuff that costs way more and comes with a much more genteel and refined sound. These have none of that, it’s all thick bassy fun.

Pro’s: Tons of bass, blingy and well built.

Con’s: It’s a big old bass monster, pure and simple.

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