Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fischer Audio Falcon Quick Review

Fischer Audio Falcon Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief: Fisher Audio makes a cheapie monitor

Price: £35

Specification: Impedance 18 Ohm Cable Length 1.2m Sensitivity 105dB Frequency Range 5 - 20,000 Hz Driver 10mm dynamic

Accessories: 1 Set of Bi Flanges, 3 Silicone Ear Tips (S/M/L), Storage Case, Warranty Card

Build Quality: Good, they feel nice and solid, the cables pretty nice too.

Isolation: Excellent, one of the very best and a real challenger for Etymotics.

Comfort/Fit: Well I had no real trouble but I did swiftly move to foamie tips. Their wanting to sit deep yet since they are rather large this may not work out great for everyone. Still once you get them sitting right then I had no bother with them. Mind you I didn’t like them having to be worn down as there was always a little movement to remind me they were there.

Aesthetics: Erm okay. They look fine, neither pretty nor ugly.

Sound: Boring. I can’t help but think someone at Fisher Audio has some Etymotic mc3/5’s and said let’s make these but with a lot more bass. That’s what these are. They have a monitor like flat style with no spikes anywhere other than the rather boosted low end. The bass it’s boring and never as punchy or snappy as it should be yet never far away. The mids are life and airless yet pretty detailed and never get lost or sibilant. The highs are so polite and well behaved yet still pretty detailed. I honestly find these super boring but they do nothing at all wrong. They really would make for great super cheap little monitors. I really can fault anything other than that they are dull. They isolate fantastically though and with their sound sig I think they would make the most perfect library IEM, they will prevent the world from bothering you and the music wont distract you either.

Value: If you want great isolation and a very even monitor like sound then awesome, if you want to have a good time then not so much.

Pro’s: Isolation, monitor like, would make the most perfect library IEM’s.

Con’s: Not exciting or interesting, bit too big in the bass.

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