Thursday, 12 May 2011

Vsonic GR07 Quick Review

Vsonic GR07 Quick Review

Brief: Vsonic gets serious, seriously good.

Price: US$155 today that means £94.

Specification: 11mm CCAW high dynamic transducer with multi-layers bio-cellulose diaphragm (how fancy does that sound?) Rated Impedance: 50Ω +/- 10% Sensitivity: ≥105dB (@ 500Hz) Frequency Response: 7Hz—30,000Hz Distortion: <0.2% @ 105dB (20μpa) Channel Imbalance: <1dB (@ 500Hz) / ≤1.5dB (@ 20Hz12.5KHz) Max. Input: 50mW

Accessories: 5 pairs of tips, some ear guides and a case.

Build Quality: Very nice, apparently handmade too. Cable could be a little wore flexible but it feels nice and sturdy.

Isolation: Its reasonable, it’s a dynamic so it’s not flight to New Zealand level of isolation but it’s pretty good and would be fine for day to day. Enough to get you run over if you’re not looking.

Comfort/Fit: It’s weird square shape did give me pause but when I used them they actually were fine. Fit too was fine with their new tips and their adjustable nozzle I would think most people should get on really well with them fit wise. Comfort and that shape may be more variable but was fine for me.

Aesthetics: Pretty, not stand out pretty more of an understated, classical sense of pretty. It’s dark, matte and discreet and I like it.

Sound: Just excellent. It’s got crazy depth and power low down, fantastic articulation in the mids and very good sparkle and detail up top. It’s not a miracle IEM that does everything perfectly and there are a bunch of stuff that can beat it little costs this little and is so adept at everything. The GR07 can do fun just as well as it can do monitor which is no mean feat. I can think of nothing that is so good, so fantastically versatile, so evenly balanced and frankly, so cheap. Its only real failing is it can get a little shouty and sibilant in the upper mid / lower treble range. Even then it’s not something that’s universally present; it depends on the source and as always depends on the track. It also is something that diminishes when you listen more quietly but don’t feel you have to. I really am nitpicking. While I’m at it another nitpick would be that the treble is a little sparkly, a little gritty and doesn’t have the greatest shimmery extension when compared to say the RE-0. Like I said though I really am nitpicking, overall the GR07 is a stunner.

Value: Just excellent. For circa £100 this offers a real taste of the good stuff. The same money just isn’t going to get anything as all round accomplished as the GR07. Yes you can beat it in certain areas if you have very specific requirements or know exactly what you want. If you want something that can do everything then this is it.

Pro’s: Stunning sound from an excellent all rounder.

Con’s: Hard to actually get one, tiny bit sibilant and can be beaten by others in particular areas.

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