Tuesday, 31 May 2011

MEElectronics CC-51P Quick Review

MEElectronics CC-51P Quick Review

Thanks to MEElectronics for the samples

Brief: The new M6.

Price: US$80 or £40 for the normal one, US$90 or £60 for the P version

Specification: Driver: 6.0 mm micro-drivers, Housing: Ceramic housing with aluminium nozzle, Frequency Response: 18Hz – 20KHz, Sensitivity: 98 dB, Impedance: 16 ohms, Maximum Power Input: 5 mW.

Accessories: 4 pairs of tips and a nice little case.

Build Quality: Hmm the nozzle seemed to come off slightly but has been okay since. The rest of the buds seem indestructible though and the cable is pretty reasonable too.

Isolation: Really quite good, easily enough for normal non tube usage. Certainly enough to get you run over.

Comfort/Fit: Meh. Comfort was fine but nothing spectacular and they never really melted away. I suspect that’s down to the huge nozzles and that they must be worn down mean that there was forever tiny movements meaning I was always aware of them. Fit was an irritation too with lots of driver flex and air pressure issues. YMMV but not the best for me.

Aesthetics: The cable is a disappointment given the ones MEElectronics stuff usually have but the buds look great. Ceramic shiny things that are pretty if quite understated. A sort of Gun Metal black, I like it.

Sound: This is what they do best, they have a great and capable low end. A capable and balanced mid range with a crispy and edgy top end. Okay so I found the top end a little bit much for all the time. Like I said repeatedly in the full review it’s very sharp, crisp and I think its timbre and sharp edge is down to the acoustically and physically hard nature of the enclosure. It really reminded me of the hardness I found in the Panasonic HJE-900. It’s really crisp and edgy but not quite as abrasive as I found the Panny to be. The CC51 isn’t so in your face abundant. Its bass too is rather impressive in that it can hold a deep low seemingly out of nowhere like there is a tiny sub hidden in there somewhere. Then when you make it, it can thunder out, super fast, clean and punchy. The low end really does have such vigour and vim which is all the more impressive for not being wholly dominant. When it’s required to behave it does so well that at times it just seems like it couldn’t possible roar like it can but it does. I really do find myself rather liking it even with that edgy treble.

Value: Looking at the prices and what else you can get for the same its right up there with the best. It’s not wining any rounds hand over fist but given how some loved the HJE-900 I can see why some too will love this in much the same way. It’s really very good value for money.

Pro’s: Great mix of drama, excitement and composure, buds must be indestructible, the little case.

Con’s: You can find things better an any frequency range, fit and driver flex, trebly may be too crispy for all day every day.

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