Tuesday, 31 May 2011

MEElectronics SP-51P Quick Review

MEElectronics SP-51P Quick Review

Thanks to MEElectronics for the samples

Brief: Bargain priced bass port adjustment.

Price: US$60 or £30 for the normal one or US$70 or £45 for the phone version.

Specification: Driver: 10.0 mm dynamic drivers, Housing: Metal housing with swappable rear tuning ports, Frequency Response: 15Hz – 20KHz, Sensitivity: 100 dB, Impedance: 16 ohms, Maximum Power Input: 40 mW

Accessories: 4 pairs of tips and a nice little case.

Build Quality: Impeccable, there is no way you could possible hope for more given its price. Metal buds and a fantastic cable, it’s about is good as it gets.

Isolation: Depends a little on what filters you use but still it’s a dynamic so it’s not up there at Etymotic challenging levels. More than enough to get you hit with a car though if you aren’t used to looking where you are going.

Comfort/Fit: Hmm, it was fine once they were in and settled but their lack of venting or limited venting anyway was a bit of a bother. It did take a min or so of faffing to get them just so. On the whole it was okay but not something I’d want if I was pulling them out every ten min to speak to someone though.

Aesthetics: Actually I must say these look better in the flesh than in a pic. They aren’t stunners or anything but they look very classy, matte black, tre professional. Pretty much the opposite of the tat apple give out with ipods. I really rather like them.

Sound: Well it depends big time on what filter you use. Black is big and overwhelming in the bottom end. I cannot say I enjoyed it but as bass cannons go it was pretty well composed and controlled. Still it’s a bass cannon. The gunmetal one was rather better and I could see a lot of people liking it. It’s really bassy but not absurdly so and everything else is done well too. The silver one though is where the SP51 shines. It is easily the best balanced, cleanest and clearest of the three options. Bass is still deep and controlled but now it no longer dominates the picture being painted before you. It’s the one you should want. Still it’s nice you have the ability to pick, particularly for those used to low end rubbish. So many are so used to flabby bass monsters that their ears need eased into the higher end world and the bass ports here let you do that and give you a taste of how things really should be. I don’t love the SP51 but I do rather like it.

Pro’s: Can change the sound to suit you, can get the phone version way cheap, great value

Con’s: Driver flex/air pressure issues, the black port is stupidly bassy

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