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Yamaha HPH-Pro 500 Quick Review

Yamaha HPH-Pro 500 Quick Review

Thanks to Yamaha UK for the sample.

Brief:  Yamaha does party time.

Price:  Circa £250 (Circa US$400 in Americaland)

Specification:  Design Over-ear, closed back, rigid aluminium alloy earcup, Driver Type Dynamic, neodymium magnet, Driver Unit    Φ2” (50 mm), Impedance 23 ohms @ 1kHz, Maximum Power 1,000 mW, Sound Pressure Level   106 dB ±3 dB (1 kHz, 1 mW), Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Weight (without Cable) 13 oz (369 g), Ports Dual 1/8” (3.5 mm) input/output, one each on the left and right earcups

Accessories:  2 cables, a case and a 6.25 to 3.5mm adapter

Build Quality:  Premium quality, what you’d expect from a premium brand at a premium price.

Isolation:  Rather good, enough to cover most traffic and general out and about noise.  Not what I’d want for Tube or long flights but as good as any over the ear I’ve tried. So a good option if you can’t do IEM’s.

Comfort/Fit:  Errrr a bit so so.  Firstly they are huge, they fit me fine with the headband at its minimum size, extended they get comedy huge.  Then the ear cups were a tiny fraction too small, they just didn’t quite make it over my ears entirely and so exerted a  bit of pressure around the top and bottom.  These never got painful but it was bothersome.  Also they have massive clamping force and that got tiring on the back of my jaw, again not painful but it was a relief to take them off after a few hours.  Granted you need that clamping force to keep them on if you’re out and about so it’s all a bit of a trade off.

Aesthetics:  Well they look nicer in the flesh but I’m still not wildly taken by them, maybe I’d have liked the black more?  It’s all just a bit flashy and that’s just not me but to each their own.

Sound:  There is no mistake that these are aimed at the consumer and not the actual professional market despite their name.  (Seriously, change the name Yamaha.) These have a pretty dramatic sound signature that’s pretty V shaped, the bass in particular is rather boosted.  The quantity isn’t ridiculous but still rather too much.  The quality though is awesome, depth is good being closed but what shines is the power.  The skull crushing power and yet with such swift agility and the impact is outstanding.  Mids too quality wise are excellent, a touch dry for a Yamaha but so open, airy and sooooooooo clear for a closed headphone.  The highs are just as good too, they extend well and move like lightning.  For a closed headphone it really is convincing is providing air and openness.  Overall its speed, power and enthusiasm make for a really dramatic and compelling sound.  Sure it’s a bit tiring on my ear for listening for too long but it’s deeply engaging.  The driver in these is a wonder, even more so that it can do so much even being driven out of poor sources like a phone.  Still they can do rather better if you power them well; I’d strongly advise you to do so if you buy a set.

Value:  Expensive but top class sound quality if you want a “consumer” orientated sound signature.  Compared with others in the class these slaughter the Beats I’ve heard.

Pro’s:   Energy, Enthusiasm, Drama, BASS!!!!! Treble, Clarity

Con’s:  Too over dramatic and V shaped, aurally and physically tiring.

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