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Fanmusic MS-E1011 Quick Review

Fanmusic MS-E1011 Quick Review

Thanks to SwimSonny for the loan.

Brief:  Huge, huge bass and just physically ginormous.

Price:  Circa £120 or US$200 we think.

Specification:  Rated impedance: 16-15% of the Ω at 1 KHZ, Spirit acuity: 98 + 3 db/mW (at 1 KHZ), Frequency response: 5 hz - 20000 hz, Distortion : 0.2% or less 105 db (and μ pa), Rated power: 2 mw, The highest power: 10 mw, Headphones line length: 1.2 M, Earphone plug: φ 3.5 mm straight type.

Accessories:  5 pairs of tips, 3 silicon and 2 foamies.  Also very unusually you get 2 cables.  Not a modular but they have replaceable cables and you get a spare one!

Build Quality:  Everything is metal and the cable looks great too.  With the spare cable these should outlast you.

Isolation:  Fairly good for a dynamic.  I'd be fine using this out and about but flights and such maybe not, they'd do if you have nothing else but for a daily Tube commute I’d look elsewhere.  Still enough to make you road kill if you aren’t looking where you're going though.

Comfort/Fit:  Well these really can't be worn up.  They are so big and the angle of the cable coming out means it just does work.  Other than that comfort and fit were fine despite their size.  Microphonics were a touch annoying, what happens if you wear down.

Aesthetics:  These are visually striking polished metal.  They have a little red band on the buds that I feel was a missed opportunity, one red and one blue would have been fab.  Still these are not subtle yet I kinda like it.  (Goes well with the Hisoundaudio Studio 3rd Anniversary)

Sound:  Lol.  These are so silly and so much fun.  The bass has no trouble making me smile every time I hear them.  It's not oppressive because it's really good quality but it's just silly.  They are hugely bassy party machines.  Sure I don’t think I'd want these in my ears all day everyday but god they are entertainers.  Bass is big bombastic and soooo deep yet so happy to spring all over the place, sure it's not the world's most agile but for the amount it's great.  So you think the mids must be over shadowed, nope.  Okay so they are a bit warm, a bit thickish but all rather well articulated and you know what, they can do Nora just fine.  They do prefer a blokes vocals and prefer to do power vocals than the delicate.  Mid clarity isn’t all it could be, things are slightly veiled but in pop you'd never notice as their vocals never tend to be that articulate anyway.  In the high end things, being a dual driver I had worries these would be super V shaped and super trebly just to show off that they can but they aren’t.  The highs are pretty damn good and delicate.  The extension is reasonable but above all as a really nice, natural decay and no brutality to the edges which then trails into a lovely shimmer.  So all this and then you slap in some wonderfully dynamic drama too.  Oh and it's got great power handling, you can just throw power and volume at it so if you like something you can deafen yourself with you'll find this happy to oblige.  Bonus, if you power it well you go from merely face slapping bass to punch you in the chest bass.  There was a touch of venting issues and they wanted a min or two to equalise themselves so not one for pulling out every two min. 

Overall I'm really impressed with these, super fun with everything be it party time or slow and gentle.  They did really like a brighter source and all the amp power you can give them, do both and these are spectacular entertainers.

Value:  Great bundle with great build so should last you for ages.  Compared with other big bass monsters these compare quite favourably too in that they can do things other than bass.  so not jaw dropping value but still a rather fine bang for your money.  After the IE8 this is the second best bass cannon I can think of.

Pro's:  Bass both quantity and great quality, mids are lovely too, super fun.

Con's:  Not balanced, things are physically huge.

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