Monday, 6 August 2012

XTZ MH800 DSP Multimedia System Quick Review

XTZ MH800 DSP Multimedia System Quick Review

Thanks to Audio Sanctum for the sample.

Brief:  Sweden gives us a peculiar 2 way system.

Price:  Normally £400 but on offer just now for £340

Accessories:  All the required cables including a rather solid and heavy USB cable.

Build Quality:  Very nice.  I’m not going to drop test them but they appear well constructed.

Aesthetics:  Unusual.  I still cannot decide if I like the matte black, it’s rather different from the more typical glossy things you find.  I just don’t know if I like it.  I think it would appear better if the chrome drive guards were matte black too and complete the look.  Aesthetics can be quite individual.

Sound:  Low and mid range orientated.  There is little question these are far more content and sound their best when playing rich, smooth stuff.  They can shake it up and get bouncy if you make them but it’s just not what they do best.  The treble too just isn’t up the quality of the other two.  They shine in the mids and lows and comparatively the highs just cannot keep up.  EQ’ing them up with the “Bright 2” setting which what I found to be best sounding just allowed me to more noticeably pick out what they couldn’t quite do.  It’s not to say they were rubbish it’s just that the mids and lows were so much better.  Would most consumers notice?  Probably not but I couldn’t help but noticing it anytime something with noticeable treble came on.  Then the next track would come on, Dido or Nora Jones and then I would go right back to loving them.  Playing with the Dirac settings these could be made to be punchy and powerful but they always pulled more towards the lows and mids.  Treble isn’t their forte.  They were also a bit too eager in the lows for me, easily you could have them shaking your desk if you wanted and I found quite distracting.  Great mid range though, just superb.  Wonderfully fluid, smooth, both vocals and strings just sung on these.  Vocals are just beautifully rendered both male and female alike.  The bass too is wonderfully full.  Notably their subwoofer like skills rock in film watching use, roaring and rumbling with prodigious talent.

Value:  So long as you’re not after a lot of treble then rather good.  You get some very capable speakers and an amp for £400 (on offer for £340 at time of writing) that sounds bigger and fuller than its size would indicate.  If you like rich and smooth stuff then this could suit you perfectly

Pro’s:   Smallish, great scale and bass, superb mids

Con’s:  Treble.

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