Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vsonic GR01 Quick Review

Vsonic GR01 Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief:  Vsonic do a dual BA.

Price:  circa £130

Specification:  Drive Unit: Knowles dual armature receiver, Rated Impedance: 32Ω, Sensitivtiy: 108dB (at500 Hz), Frequency Response: 5HZ- 20 000HZ, Distortion: <2% 94dB, Channel Balance: <2dB, Rated Power: 10mW, Maximum Input Power: 50mW, Plug:3.5mm 24K gold plated dual-channel plug, Cable: 1.30m TPU cable, 4 X20 silver and copper mixed wires

Accessories:  13 pairs of tips and a little baggy.

Build Quality:  Hmm seems fine.  Silver filter housing do unsrew so be warned.

Isolation:  Top class, enough to fly to New Zealand and back or turn you into a stain on the road if you aren’t looking.  Amongst the best there is.

Comfort/Fit:  It was fine for me but these want to sit brain implant deep.  That they have a wider nozzle meant that I quickly ended up putting Comply’s on them but I’d have rather had Olives.  No actual problems but if you don’t like deep then maybe not for you.

Aesthetics:  They look fine.  You won’t see anything other than the cable when you’re wearing them but let’s be honest.  They are not really anything special to look at but who cares, they are IEM’s not ear jewellery.

Sound:  Excellent.  They are probably the best all rounders I’ve heard and the best dual BA’s  they can do everything and they do it all fantastically well.  They don’t have the depth of the GR07 and they don’t soar up top like the RE-272 but very little is in each of those extremes anyway.  Everything in the middle is just great. They manage to do everything so well I’m convinced Vsonic is a front for the devil and soul steeling.  They somehow just get enough of the best from any style and avoid the weaknesses.  This means the bass for a BA is full and rich yet still fast and articulate avoiding an overly fast punchy style.  The mid so are both capable with dry or liquid vocals without sounding soulless or too thick and heavy.  The highs are wonderfully detailed without being like grinding broken glass in your ears and shining a spotlight in your face.  Sure if you want a more flavoured sound these can be beat in every aspect by something but these do everything.  Acoustically I can find nothing I’d fault with these.  Probably the best all rounder out there.

Value:  Excellent.  They do everything well and acoustically are pretty much faultless.

Pro’s:   All-rounder’s par excellence, superb isolation.

Con’s:  Lack flavour that some may want, filter housings can fall off, lack of a proper case.

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