Wednesday, 9 November 2011

TFTA-2100-2V1S Quick Review

TFTA-2100-2V1S Quick Review

Thanks to TFTA.EU for the sample.

Brief: Holy crap that’s some bass!

Price: £100

Specification: In-ear Silver Metal Housing, Driver unit 10.0mm, Impedance 16ohms, Rated power input 2mW, Max power input 30mW, Frequency response 20-20,000Hz, Sensitivity 100dB at 1KHz, 1mW, R/L output difference <3dB at 1KHz, 1mW, Distortion <2% at 1KHz, 2mW, Connector 3.5mm stereo plug

Accessories: 3 pairs of tips but I believe it is being upped to 5.

Build Quality: Great, metal and shiny and I have nothing at all to fault.

Isolation: Very good for a dynamic. It’s not quite what I would choose for everyday on the Tube or for a lengthy flight but more than enough to cope with the rigours of day to day use. Easily enough to get you run over if you aren’t keeping your eyes peeled for death on wheels.

Comfort/Fit: I did have some venting issue and more than a bit of driver flex. I gave up and used Comply’s which solved the issue. Time would have I’m sure worked too but I’m impatient. That aside they were not a problem, very comfortable in use despite their large size.

Aesthetics: I like them. Aesthetics is always a rather subjective matter but I like their shiny gun metal finish. It’s pleasing to the eye yet not too bling bling.

Sound: Bass by container ship load. Hell, bass by the fleet of container ship loads. The bass is gargantuan. It’s so vast, so deep, so powerful it’s like being in a small room with a sub cranked all the way up. Did I say one sub, I meant twelve. Its quality is pretty faultless so long as you choose not to fault the quantity. There is just so much, so ungodly much I don’t care that its awesome it can physically move so much air as to make me queasy. It’s mental! Mental good or mental bad is entirely for you to decide but it’s not something my delicate little ears would or could live with. The mids are good, a bit dark and dry which balances it a touch but not really enough. The highs are pretty impressive, very nicely extended and delicate but don’t really have a much of a bight. Given the bass the highs somewhat sit in the dark and a bit more edge would have helped them stand out. Not a bad thing just a sound signature choice.

Value: If you’re a bass head then these are pretty much what you aspire to. Stupid depth and power with mesmerizing quantities of low end everything. If that is what are looking for then you aren’t likely to do better than these.

Pro’s: Pretty, isolate well for a dynamic, it’s a bass deity

Con’s: The phrase “power overwhelming” springs to mind, venting issues, it could make me feel ill.

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