Sunday, 6 November 2011

MEElectronics A151 Quick Review

MEElectronics A151 Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief: MEElectronics does a BA.

Price: £39

Specification: Impedance 27 Ohm Cable Length 135 cm Sensitivity 111 dB Frequency Range 20Hz - 18kHz Driver Micro balanced armature

Accessories: 2 Sets of Bi Flanges, 3 Silicone Ear Tips (S/M/L) and pair of tri flanges.

Build Quality: Great, the cable in particular feels fantastic.

Isolation: Great stuff, it isolates among the best of the rest out there. Perfectly adequate for the Tube or for long flights.

Comfort/Fit: I did have concerns as they big and oddly shaped. In use they were absolutely fine, just shove in and then they would just melt away.

Aesthetics: Hmm they are big and silvery. I don’t think they are very pretty but they aren’t ugly either.

Sound: Very competent and capable. They have taken a BA and pushed it to sound as much like a dynamic as they possibly can and it has had to sacrifice something along the way. If I’d never heard anything else with the same driver then I’m sure I’d be very happy here but I know just what’s been lost and I really miss them. Yes compared to a dynamic these have very controlled lows and stellar mids but I know what they could be. The mids here are very open, airy and articulate but don’t possess the creamy smoothness of the PL-50 or even quite that of the DUNU Ares. Don’t mistake my comments for saying they are bad because they are certainly not, they are very good. The highs too are very good but I did find them to be a little over crispy up top and that lends itself to grittiness. It’s certainly much clearer than I would expect for a comparably priced dynamic however. I simply cannot help but feel they have not played to the strengths of the driver and have missed out on getting the very best from it even if it is still rather good. A little better depth and the low end wouldn’t hurt either.

Value: Okay so I bitch and moan but it’s still great value for money. I haves no doubt whatsoever that these are worth every penny as is pretty much everything MEElectronics make. They are the masters of value for money and they always give you case so well done them! These are very, very capable all rounder’s that make sacrifices here and there but would probably please most if not all.

Pro’s: Very competent and capable all rounder. Great isolation.

Con’s: Never excels. A touch crispy up top and bass hasn’t the best extension.

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