Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spider Realvoice Quick Review

Spider Realvoice Quick Review


Brief: It looks like a chavy Sony MDR-XB40EX

Price: RRP US$90

Specification: Dynamic Driver 12.5mm Impedance – 18 ohms Frequency Response – 5Hz~20000Hz Sensitivity – 107dB Cord Length – 120cm

Accessories: A bunch of tips and quite a nice little case.

Build Quality: Erm the case looks great; the buds feel very lightweight and plastic. The jack feels really tough though so probably all okay.

Isolation: About normal for a dynamic, enough to get run over if your not used to it but certainly nothing id want for the Tube or long flights.

Comfort/Fit: Actually pretty darn good. They do require to be worn down which I don’t like but even though they are huge they are so light they were very comfy in use. Fit wise they were good too despite their size.

Aesthetics: I must confess I didn’t like their appearance. Too shiney plastic and gaudy but to each their own.

Sound: This really is where the meat of any review is and I was really so looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of these. I love mids, I love mid centric IEM’s and vocal heavy songs. So with these being named the Realvoice and quoting from the box “Our earphone is designed for the premium listener of acoustic music.” On paper they are just what I want. Then I put them in my ears. My first thought was, oh maybe they really need a burn in. Some 200 hours later and not much changed. These sound about what I’d expect their Sony look alike cousins to sound like. I was expecting something glorious and beautiful but instead I got mud soup. Maybe I have a broken pair? I cannot discount that possibility but comparing these to the mids champion (PL-50) and there is no comparison. I hand on heart hope the pair I have are broken as for a product with an RRP of US$90 these should be at least able to go head to head with things like the Brainwavz M2 and PL-50 if not wipe the floor with them. Even the Sony EX500 I have cost less than these do and are just so much better. These are just thick, muddy, flabby bass with a moderately present mid range. They sort of have some highs but only a hint of what should be there. As I say I really hope I have a broken pair because these are rubbish.

Value: Terrible.

Pro’s: Erm the headset could be useful to some.

Con’s: How they sound.

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