Monday, 5 September 2011

Hisoundaudio Crystals Quick Review

Hisoundaudio Crystals Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief: Oooh, bassy but it isolates!

Price: Circa £65

Specifcation: Erm it’s a 7mm dynamic driver, it’s really small and I couldn’t find the specs anywhere. Like they matter anyway.

Accessories: 5 Pairs of tips (I think) and a rather attractive case.

Build Quality: Very good, certainly there is not a thing I could fault about the construction. It all looks and feels very sturdy and solid.

Comfort/Fit: These do rather want to be shoved in rather deep and if you not used to that you may feel a little violated. I’m very used to that so it never bothered me and I found them perfectly comfortable. I did have a little venting issue, slight but it existed. A minute or two in the ear and they equalised, comply’s removed the issue however.

Aesthetics: The pair I had was a bronzy brown but all the pics show a grey silveryish colour. Frankly they look fine and they sat so deep in my ears you couldn’t see them anyway so it mattered little. They look fine but nothing special.

Sound: Big ass kicking bassy. These really reminded me of the SE215 and their freakish ability to isolate yet produce a bombastic, thumping and powerful low end. The is no question what is centre stage here and it’s of a fine quality too. The mids are very good too but a bit behind and very much on the rich and warm side of things. Accordingly the treble is a little pushed back and its somewhat dark. The treble is decent but it is inoffensively smooth and softened and really laid back compared to that big ass bass. I feel like I should write out bass several times just in case you missed the point. I should point out that it isn’t the tightest bass that ever there was. It has a hint of softness to its edge and its impact looses a touch of punch but at this quantity that’s absolutely fine. It’s like having a hugely powerful sub in the room but one that maybe isn’t the very highest quality. Still if you want this quantity you will not find better, it is very impressive and articulate with this kind of force. At this amount you’ll be hard pressed to get this quality without paying a ton more and that’s ignoring the isolation. These isolate every bit as good as a BA IEM’s, they are just excellent.

Value: If you want this bass and isolation only the SE215 anywhere near, these are better and cheaper.

Pro’s: Big ass kicking, thumping bass, fantastic isolation and teeny tiny.

Con’s: You had better want a lot of bass and not the most detailed you can get.

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