Sunday, 8 December 2013

TDK IE800 Quick Review

TDK IE800 Quick Review

Brief:  The cassette tape people do a dual dynamic IEM.

Price:  £57 at present but RRP £99

Specification:  Plug Type: 3.5mm gold-plated, Drive: 8mm + 5.8mm, Driver Type: Dual Dynamic, Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20,000 Hz, Sensitivity: 116bD / V, Impedance: 10 ohms @ 1kHz, Cord Length: 1.3m (4.2m)

Accessories:  Some tips and a nylon baggy.  All nothing over fancy.  A pair of Comply’s too and I’d suggest using them for treble softening.

Build Quality:  Well visually the buds look well-constructed but the cable feels very thin and flimsy. 

Isolation:  So so.  They are reasonable for a dynamic, good enough for normal out and about, on a bus etc etc. usage.  Not really one for a flight or Tube use.  Still sufficient to get you run over of course if you don’t look where you’re going.

Comfort/Fit:  Well these are clearly meant to be worn down but I hate that so I wore them up, it did sort of work too but you look stupid doing so.  Comfort worn up or down was good as they weigh nothing at all.  Fit was just a case of sticking in my ears and done.

Aesthetics:   You look stupid wearing them up but the beds themselves look nice.  I like the matte plastic look, it’s a change from glossy things.

Sound:  TREBLE!!!!!!!! There is no way to sugercoat this; they are simply all about the treble.  I assume that’s because they have a dual dynamic setup and to counter the expectation of being massively bass heavy they have swung rather the other way.  It’s a shame because the lows and mids are super good at their current price.  Bass is deep controlled and articulate.   Mids are clean, airy and nuanced.  Details levels the both are great too.  then you get the treble and while accomplished, my god there too much of it, it’s too energetic and exhausting.  My poor little ears can’t take it.  Oh god make it stop!  I found much track skipping occurred because the treble is just so over abundant and ear ravaging.  A real shame as its quality is good but the balance is much too high end focused.  Treble junkies though are sure to have found a new love. Its shame because I really liked the clarity of the mids and bass, both are most impressively quick and accurate for a dynamic, should these be retuned or heavily EQ’d they are really impressive.  However  I am quite treble sensitive and these are simply beyond what my ears can tolerate for any length of time.

Value:  Even at their RRP I I’d like these, with the massive caveat of you have to be happy with masses of treble.  Of maybe if you are a more mature person and haven’t the same treble sensitivity you once had these could be perfect.

Pro’s:   Superb quality and articulation.

Con’s:  The treble will make your ears bleed.

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