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DUNU DN-1000 Quick Review

DUNU DN-1000 Quick Review

Thanks to DUNU for the sample.

Brief:  Taking names and kicking arse!

Price:  £125 so that’s about US$200

Specification:  Type: Dynamic (10mm) Balanced Armature, SPL:98+-2dB, Impedance 10 ohms, Frequency Response: 16Hz – 22KHz, Noise Attenuation: 26dB, Weight: 26g, Plug Size: 3.5mm, Cord Length: 1.2m.

Accessories:  Metal case, leathery baggy, 6.25 to 3.5mm adapter, aeroplane adapter, shirt clip, 3 types of acoustic rings, 4 of each type, 4 pairs of Comply tips, 3 pairs of clear silicon tips, 1 pair of bi flange tips, 3 pairs of thin grey silicon tips, a pair of ear guides and last of all a cleaning cloth.  Assuming you don’t count the chin slider and the attached cable tie.

Build Quality:  Excellent.  They are metal, weighty and frankly Dunu have probably the best build quality of any of the Chinese IEM makers.

Isolation:  Reasonably good, better than most dynamics ever are but not so great in comparison to most BA things.  Tolerable for the odd flight but not for a daily Tube commute.  Of course more than enough to get you run over.

Comfort/Fit:  Very good.  They are a bit heavy but wearing over the ear solves that otherwise, a shove in ear and done.  There are plenty of tips to assist in the matter.

Aesthetics:  A touch on the blingy, the silver is rather gleaming but silver is certainly much more tasteful than gold is.  Note they are more silver than the gunmetal they seem to look in photos but I think these may come in Gunmetal also.

Sound:  Awesome.  The bass is a little dominant but the quality is superb.  Deep, oh so deep, dark and rich.  The mid’s are a touch reticent but the detail is very good and the clearly cut through any amount of music.  The highs are superbly refined for a BA driver.  Maybe a little relaxed for some but they do a fantastic smooth and natural decay.  They don’t have the sharp edge many others do around this price, which some love of course.  It lends to an overall slightly dark feeling to the DN-1000 but the dynamics are spectacular.  Throw on something lively and they are astonishingly vivacious party machines.  Vigour and authority in the lows is epic but they never drown out the rest of the spectrum.  It’s a cacophony of aural drama!  Loving these little things!!!  Sure if you want slow and sombre they will do as you command and do it very well too.  The only downer I’d say is these aren’t very open or airy but that hardly a damming statement is it.  Of course these aren’t the most sonically neutral IEM in the world either.

Value:  Awesome.  These should be a real worry for the GR07 as you get a cracking bundle and they sound so kick ass.

Pro’s:   Awesome.  Bass is thunderously capable. Highs are highly refined.

Con’s:  Its not a high isolator, bass isnt very neutral, mids could do with more air.

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