Sunday, 4 August 2013

BLOX BI3 Quick Review

BLOX BI3 Quick Review

Thanks to BLOX for the sample.

Brief:  BLOX do a stunner of an IEM

Price:  US$40 (plus US$7 P&P) so circa £30

Specification:  Driver : Dynamic 6.8 mm., Frequency Response : 20Hz - 22KHz, Impedance : 16 Ω, Sensitivity : 95dB/mW @ 1KHz, Cable : detachable kevlar 1.2 m. (3.5mm. plug)

Accessories:  4 pairs of tips and a shirt clip.

Build Quality:  Hmmm well I really like the cable and it removable too.  The buds though have some joint or join in them I’m unconvinced about.

Isolation:  Pretty reasonable.  They are for a dynamic sealed quite well.  Fine for normal usage but not really for a long flight or daily Tube commute.

Comfort/Fit:  They are unmistakably oddly shaped.  However I had zero bother with them in either regard.  I can’t promise the same to all though.

Aesthetics:  well I liked the cable, the buds kinda a look a bit janky.  If looks really matter a ton to you these aren’t the prettiest things I’ve ever encountered.

Sound:  Nothing short of excellent.  The bass is too plentiful and they can come a little too close to being sibilant at times but the quality it’s outstanding.  The bass in particular seems rather accomplished in its behaviours.  Articulate, controlled and yet powerful and deep.  Perfectly at home pounding out a bass line or extruding some genteel and soft jazz.  Vocals are rather behind but have a great level of detail retained.  Have a pretty good level of air to them too for a cheap sealed dynamic.  Highs have a bit more to them, they have a hint of forwardness so sound a bit more prominent and then trail off rather well.  They let you know the detail is there and then allow it to blend into the background. The only bothersome bit is they can on some songs veer rather close to being sibilant.  It’s really a minor bother as otherwise the skewed V shaped sound, think a back to front tick, is not only great sounding it’s one that is rather popular.  Add in the dynamics, scale, detail and liveliness found here and I think its winning combo.

Value:  These are what I’d consider entry level pricing and for £30 delivered these beat everything I can think of.  The GR06 are as good, maybe a hair better but cost more and have a very different sound signature.  For a poppy, bouncy fun IEM I think this, at present, stands unbeatable.

Pro’s:   Excellent sound quality, superbly capable bass, super cheap.

Con’s:  Weird shape, very flavoured sound signature, hard to drive.

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