Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Vsonic VC02 Quick Review

Vsonic VC02 Quick Review

Brief:  A Vsonic I haven’t loved.

Price:  £32 or about US$50

Specification:  Driver:  3mm High Dynamic CCAW Drive units, Impedance: 16ohm +/- 10%, Sensitivity: ≥100dB (@ 500Hz), Frequency Response: 10Hz- 25kHz, Channel Balance: ≤2dB @ 500Hz, Distortion: ≤2% @ 105dB, Rated Power: 10mW, Maximum Input Power: 30mW, Plug: 3.5mm dual-channel plug, Cable:  1.3 TPU cable, 4X20 Silvercore wire

Accessories:  7 pairs of Hybrid tips, 3 normal silicon tips and 1 biflange pair of silicones.  A shirt clip and a little baggy.

Build Quality:  Buds seem good, cable is a bit thin but since it’s replaceable who cares.

Isolation:  Very good.  For a dynamic it’s about the best there is.  You can sit these deep and its right up there with BA drivered stuff.

Comfort/Fit:  Comfort was fine for me unless I wore down and shallow as they kept moving when the cable pulled.  Fit though was another issue.  I have sinus issues and often sealed dynamics don’t equalise the air pressure in my ears well.  They did not here well at all.

Aesthetics:  Clean and understated.  I like the silvery grey cable and silvery grey buds.  Nothing fancy though.

Sound:  I think that with the fit issues I had meant that I didn’t hear what it seems everyone else does.  These did not work out for me.  They were not only boring and lifeless but the highs I found grating.  They despite overall feeling slightly muffled managed to have an abrasive edge in the lower highs that just killed me.  These I constantly wanted the volume lowered and anything but the softest songs I quickly skipped.  Everyone else seems to love them but I couldn’t.  Otherwise they have a very monitor like balance at a very low price.  The bass it’s very articulate too and the mids are pretty good.  The detail level is pretty high for the cost.  As for the highs, like I said they just grated on my ears.  Extension I didn’t think was great and they didn’t have the shimmer of a dynamic.  Mostly what I got was hard edged.

Value:  Everyone else loves them but for my money I’d take the GR04 in a heartbeat over these.

Pro’s:   Detachable cable, high isolation, monitor like balance.

Con’s:  Too sealed, fit issue for me, abrasiveness in the highs. 

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