Tuesday, 4 June 2013

DUNU Detonator DN-22m Quick Review

DUNU Detonator DN-22m Quick Review

Thanks to DUNU for the sample.

Brief:  A well timed, bassy fun machine.

Price:  £37.61 or circa the RRP or US$45

Specification:  Driver Size: 9mm, Microphone: -45 +5dB, Sound pressure level: 112+-2dB, F Response: 20Hz - 20KHz, Noise Attenuation: 26dB,  Weight: 27g, Cord: 1.2m

Accessories:  8 pairs of tips, shirt clip, a hard case and a soft baggy and a built in cable tie.

Build Quality:  Top class, really just top class given the cost.  Easily the equal of the far more expensive EB-50.

Isolation:  Very good for a dynamic, plenty enough to get you through normal day to day stuff and maybe the odd flight.  Certainly enough to get you run over if you aren’t looking where you’re going.

Comfort/Fit:  Pretty great, worn down the mic did catch my collar which is annoying but that’s all.  Despite being dynamic and sealed they gave me no air pressure issues at all.

Aesthetics:  Pretty understated.  They are mostly a shiny gun metal colour with a very helpful red or blue band to denote which ear they belong in.  they look like they could cost rather more than they do.

Sound:  On paper these have plenty of flaws.  They are too bassy, the bass is too humpy, the highs lack and yet have a bit of an edge.  But I find I forgive them all.  They have superbly fun timing and I just liked.  I liked them a lot.  They are so fun and bouncy. They are the antithesis of analytical which made them awkward to review but just step trying.  Sit back just listen to the music and enjoy it.  That’s what these want you to do and when you do you’ll stop noticing the technical failings.  They capture an entertaining whole.  The bass is so nicely timed.  There is just so much that I find enjoyable that I completely ignore its technical mishaps.  This is an IEM that doesn’t want you to listen to it but to the music and that it’s getting right.  It’s just such an enjoyable and pleasing style of rendition.  I really think it ought to please most if not all and in particular those who like a good chunk of bass.  Its firm, powerful and punchily potent!  Smiley face.

Value:  Great, its currently hard to actually buy one but they sound fab, bundle is superb and the build quality is outstanding.  I am really not sure what else you could want.  Unless you just want a completely different sound signature of course, neutral and analytical these are not.

Pro’s:   Fun in spades, build quality, accessory bundle.

Con’s:  Deeply not analytical or neutral.

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