Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rock It Sounds R-50 Quick Review

Rock It Sounds R-50 Quick Review

Thanks to Topdogheadphones for the sample.

Brief:  TWFK sound quality on the cheap.

Price:  £80 or if you’re in Americaland about US$120

Specification:   DUAL DRIVER Tubular Balanced Armature speakers for state-of-the-art acoustics.,  2 Individual speakers on each side with a built-in crossover., Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz.,   Impedence: 31Ohm, Sensitivity: 110dB.

Accessories:  3 different sizes of silicon ear tips provided., Small portable clam case provided for ear tips and earphones., 3.5-millimeter gold-plated connector designed to fit with a variety of device cases.,  Airline Adaptor provided.,  invisible design bendable ear-hook mechanism for the perfect fit.

Build Quality:  Well I’d be lying if is said it was great.  Its adequately fine.  I do like the braided cable though.

Isolation:  As good as you’d expect from a BA IEM.  Shove it in deep and the first you’ll hear of that bus coming up behind you is when it impacts your skull.  Great for a daily Tube commute or long flights.  Just remember to look for traffic when you’re out because you won’t hear it.

Comfort/Fit:  The ear guides I felt didn’t help but once I slapped on a pair of comply tips it was great.  I’m not huge on silicon tips for shoving in deep.  When I did use silicon tips though I found fit fiddly with the ear guides not suiting me.  Comfort was always just fine.

Aesthetics:  Erm, well they aren’t lookers.  Okay but muggers won’t see these and think they must be expensive.

Sound:  Excellent.  For a TWFK based IEM it’s a little but soft, a little reticent and maybe even a little boring.  The treble isn’t hyper crisp and in your face.  The bass is mildly softer than is common for the driver and a little slower.  The mids are a bit more liquid than the normally dry driver delivers in its cousins.  It could even be said to fractionally mid centric.  Overall though it’s a bit of a stunner.  The sound quality you get here is outstanding, its world class audio quality.  It’s not the most exciting listen and it nothing like as bassy as a low end dynamic will have but this is really up at audiophile levels of quality.  The detail retrieval is top notch yet not hurled at you.  The most mellow of the TWFK’s but just as good.  Arguably it’s the most liveable of them too as I find most of them too bright and in dire need of a bass boost, this is so naturally smooth and genteel.  Still it has the tremendous detail levels you’d expect, it’s simply great.

Value:  There isn’t a lot out there that can best this and those that can cost a hell of a lot more money.  Its also by a fair margin the cheapest of all its TWFK cousins.  An awesome value proposition.

Pro’s:   Superb sound quality for a superb value price.

Con’s:  Lacks the drama or hyper in your faceness of its cousins that some love.

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