Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Frogbeats C3 Customs Quick Review

Frogbeats C3 Customs Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief:  Frogbeats “baby” custom

Price:  £490

Specification:  Impedance 25 Ohm, Cable length 1.5m, Sensitivity 25 dB, Frequency range 10 Hz - 20000 Hz, Driver 1 low, 1 mid and 1 high balanced armature in 3 way crossover

Accessories:  Storage case.

Build Quality:  Flawless

Isolation:  Shed loads.  Hard to say if it’s quite at ER4 levels as it’s hard to gauge external sounds with either in.  In short there’s tons and I’d have no trouble saying these would do you well on a daily Tube commute or long distance flight.  You will not hear road noise so be warned, look where you’re going!

Comfort/Fit:  Good.  I must confess I still find them somewhat peculiar in the ear compared to universal IEM’s.  It’s not uncomfortable in anyway it’s just not what I’m used to and weird.  It does take a little bit of a wiggle to get them in but one done that’s them.

Aesthetics:  How they look will largely be determined by what options you pic, I went with one all red and one all blue so nothing too elaborate.  You can if you want even pick custom colours so how they look is up to you but I like what I have here.

Sound:  Effortless.  They sound so vast, so powerful and with body unlike I’ve heard from an IEM.  Their sound signature is rather V shaped with the bass in particular being quite potent.  It’s elevated in quantity but has excellent depth for a BA, it’s rather more dynamic like in every way.  Of course it’s not a dynamic so it’s still very controlled and agile when required.  Mids are a touch recessed and rather liquid but wonderfully clear and detailed.  Highs are a bit forward but great for a BA, not over crispy.  It can really have a good go at real shimmer and delicate fading away too.  In many ways its sound reminds me lots of the Senn IE8, just improved particularly in bass depth.  It’s such a robust and full sound yet the detail is fantastic.  It may not hurl it at you like the RE-272 but there is vast detail retrieval if you listen for it.  Either way this is more about enjoying the music than it analysing it.

Value:  £490 is the starting point depending on your options and that’s quite a bit of cash.  Customs are not cheap and seeing as these soundly beat the W4 which cost almost as much you could argue you’re getting a bargain!

Pro’s:   Huge, powerful and effortless sound, great bass, great detail.

Con’s:  Have a definite flavour, if you want flat this is not it.

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