Sunday, 13 January 2013

Oh BT, I do hate you.

I don't normally do much on here that isn't about headphones but today I shall.  The shortest way is for me to throw in this link as its pretty self explanatory.  See also

BT are currently telling me that my exchange actually is enabled despite their own website saying otherwise but that they have no info on when or if my cabinet will be.  Is there another comapny that treats its customers like this?  The dismisive "whatevaarrrr, its like Openreach's fault 'cause like we're BT retail not Openreach so its nuffing to do wiv us."

To those that dont know BT retail and Openreach are both BT group companes so its rather like Tesco blaiming Tesco group transport for why they have no milk in store, have told you 4 times when it will arrive, wait untill its sopposed to be on the self and then tell you oops, next quarter.  To this 4 times because its clearly impossible to provide any more accurate information than the the nearest quarter. 

So BT your right, its not BT retail's fault its BT Openreach's it hasn't been done but it is your fault you lie to your customers repeatedly.  It is your fault you don't seem to care that you lie, that you make it impossible to get any level of detail about how things are or more likely are not progressing and it is your fault you chose the twitter username BTCare because if you do care you do a mightily impressive performance of treating your customers and the public like something you accidentally trod in.

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