Friday, 2 November 2012

Dunu Tai Chi (DN-19) Quick Review

Dunu Tai Chi (DN-19) Quick Review

Thanks to DUNU for the sample.

Brief:  Dunu rising up the quality chain.

Price:  £84.50

Specification:  Driver Type HQ(10mm), Sound Pressure Level 100+-2dB, Impedance 16 Ohms, Noise Attenuation 26dB, Frequency Response 16Hz – 26KHz, Weight 18g, Plug Size 3.5mm Gold-plated, Cord Length 1.3m.

Accessories:  A metal case, a baggie, a case to keep your accessories in, an airplane adapter, a 6.25mm to 3.5mm jack, ear guides, shirt clip, cleaning cloth,  a bunch of dampeners 4 pairs of black hybrid type tips and 3 pairs of grey silicon tips.  (Note I can’t find the airplane adapter or the 6.25 to 3.5 adapter but I’m sure they were there.)

Build Quality:  Unlike its siblings these are plastic but fear not.  DUNU have no trouble in this area, they feel nice and the cable especially is first class.  I’m not keen on the little plastic dampeners but they give you a bunch for when you will no doubt lose one or two.

Isolation:  Rather good.  About average so don’t expect to want to use these in a long flight but good enough to make you road kill etc etc.

Comfort/Fit:  I did have to remove to ear guides to be able to rotate them enough to stop the sticky out bit with the dampeners from stabbing me.  That done it was all fine but all may not be so lucky.  Otherwise these were fine, very light weight, felt practically weightless in the ear.

Aesthetics:  The buds themselves look nothing special but the cable is just lush.  Its gleaming silver covered with a transparent sheath.  It could be a little flashy for some there is no denying its eye catching.  Plus I’m a sucker for silver, always much preferred it to gold. 

Sound:  Top quality.  First of all you can change the sound by changing the tips and using or not the dampeners.  Essentially altering how open they are or not.  I liked them with dampeners and the grey tips so giving a lighter, fractionally midcentric sound.  The treble felt effortlessly extended and delicate.  The lows were superbly controlled but then didn’t go as deep or be as full bodied as without the dampeners.  Still it was very much to my tastes.  Its all a very well integrated sound given you can alter it so.  The mids is particular are very enjoyable.  Full of detail and life, that lets you pick out what you want and still capture the soul of the vocalist.  Regularly caused me to burst in to song while sat writing them up, not to mention dancing in the chair and looking like a fool.

Value:  Great sound for the money and a truly exceptional accessory package.

Pro’s:   Everything.  Sound great and god help me I love that metal case. Can change the sound to suit your tastes.

Con’s:  Cable is a bit flashy and the dampener ports may stab you.

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