Monday, 15 October 2012

RHA MA-350 Quick Review

RHA MA-350 Quick Review

Thanks to RHA for the sample.

Brief:  Teeny tiny inverse trumpets.

Price:  £30

Specification:  Drivers 10mm Mylar, Frequency range 16-22,000Hz, Impedance 16ohms, Sensitivity 103dB, Rated/max power        3/10mW, Weight 11g, Cable 1.2m Fabric braided, Connections 3.5mm Gold plated

Accessories:  3 pairs of tips and a little baggie.

Build Quality:  Premium.  Machined aluminium buds and a weave covered cable sleeve all makes this feel like you’ve spend rather more than you have.  The cable is a little ridged but I cannot deny if feels nice in the hand.  Y splitter and chin strap are nice too.

Isolation:  For a dynamic really not bad, thankfully it didn’t give me any driver flex problems as is common with sealed dynamics.  Se while it’s not as much as I’d want if going to New Zealand its easily enough for normal sat on a bus type stuff.  As always my warning, it’s also enough to turn you into road kill if you aren’t looking where you’re going too.

Comfort/Fit:  Given its sealed and its metal with great big looking buds I expected trouble, I didn’t really get any though.  There was a touch of air pressure issues but it was no trouble making these sit right, plus they were happy to be worn up so their metal weight I never noticed at all.  Their outer edge may be big but the taper rapidly so I had no fit trouble at all, I wouldn’t expect anyone too either.

Aesthetics:  Not what I call exciting but they do look discreet with their black outer.  The inside of them is pretty aluminium but you’ll never actually see that, why no all black or an all silver version?  Still when you look at them in your hand they look nice and premium, the woven cable too looks tre posh.

Sound:  It’s not trying to be flat so if you want that, look elsewhere.  The sound here is a big and brash V shaped sound.  Big bass that reaches deep and bright crispy edged treble in abundance.  Mids are very dry and airy which is just as well, they need it to stay clear when they are living in that great big V. Vocals don’t stand out but they are always clear and articulate.  The bass is very impressive and I found I rather liked them for film watching, Jurassic Park type rumble and roars were a great deal of fun, just the sort of thing for a long train journey if you ask me.  The highs were a bit over crispy and over dramatic but if you want that in your face drama and excitement it brings to the table then I’m not sure you’ll get that for similar money elsewhere.  It’s a hard thing to do with ballsing it up or spending a ton of cash.  That RHA have gone for something so hard and done a really impressive job is admirable.  Truly tremendously dramatic bass output here.

Value:  If you want a really V shaped sound you’ll have trouble nearing this for £30.

Pro’s:   Drama, Bass, Treble.

Con’s:  Dry, Mids

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