Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vsonic GR099 Quick Review

Vsonic GR099 Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief:  Vsonic kicks some ass in the bargain basement

Price:  £18

Specification:  Drivers: 10.5mm High performance CCAW Drive Units, Rated Impedance: 24Ω +/- 15%, Sensitivity: ≥103dB (@ 500Hz), Frequency Response: 20Hz—20,000Hz, Distortion: <2% @ 94dB (20μpa), Channel Imbalance: <3dB (@ 500Hz), Input: 10mW Max., Input: 30mW, Stereo Plug: 3.5mm 8μ 24K Gold Plated, Cable: 1.25M PET cable, 4X14 core 6N OFHC Copper palted wire +/- 5%

Accessories:  8 pairs of tips and a little baggy

Build Quality:  Rather nice.  Not a plush as the other offering for Vsonic but it would appear to be solidly constructed and to be of a decent quality.

Isolation:  So so, it’s pretty vented so it’s not the thing to buy for a flight to New Zealand.  Okay for normal use and with music going you won’t really notice any traffic or such.

Comfort/Fit:  Both very good.  I mostly wore them up and they were very comfortable and effortless to insert.

Aesthetics:  Nothing fancy but they look pleasant with the red strip on the cable and I particularly liked the red and blue accents on the buds.  Red for right and blue for left.  I very much like that.  Otherwise they are matte black plastic and pretty subtle.

Sound:  Warm, rich, bassy and a big fun.  For really cheap these sound really good.  I can only really fault them for having a bit of an upper range spike that occasionally jumps out a little.  It’s a minor quibble though.  On the whole these are very well behaved with slightly muted and rolled off treble.  Resolution is okay, good for the money.  Bass is very fun with a great sense of scale and fullness, rich round and warm.  Mids are a bit warm and thick but still most pleasant.  They are decently clear too.  Still these are mostly about the low end as that’s where they are most accomplished.  They sound excellent.

Value:  Very good, price is still a bit uncertain as they are pretty much unobobtainium but converting into £ I found them for £18.  At that price they beat everything I’ve heard at that price (that I can think of anyway, prices change randomly sometimes) but…… the GR06 isn’t all that much more money and its crazy good.  If you can, get it.  If not your still getting a good buy here.

Pro’s:   Thick, full bass, sound superb for an el cheapo.

Con’s:  Its sibling, the GR06, only costs a little more and is clearly better.

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