Tuesday, 13 March 2012

EXS X10 Quick Review

EXS X10 Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief:  Siren does airy and trebly

Price:  £57

Specification:      Driver Type: Balanced Armature, Noise Isolation: 26 dB, Input Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL/mW @ 1kHz, Impedance: 29 Ohms, Input Connector (plug): 3.5 mm, I type,     Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (-10dB), Cable Length: 1.2 m/Balanced Type,  Weight: 10 g

Accessories:  1 pair of double tip tips, 2 pairs of A type tips in 2 sizes, 2 pairs of B type tips in 2 sizes, 2 pairs of C type tips in 2 sizes, 1 pair of XS tips, 1 carrying case

Build Quality:  Great, I loved the jack and the cable was lovely and flexible yet sturdy feeling.

Isolation:  A bit so so for BA things but still easily enough for normal day to day usage.  Not what I’d want for a long flight but still better than pretty much every Dynamic out there.  Certainly enough to turn you into road kill if you don’t watch where you’re going.

Comfort/Fit:  Fine but they really didn’t want to sit as deeply as I wanted to push them.  Once I gave up trying they were fine but never quite melted away like the best can.

Aesthetics:  White and pretty noticeable.  They do come in black too but I can’t imagine there is anyone who will look at either and love or hate them.  They are not particularly visually interesting.

Sound:  Fantastically enthusiastic.  These about with energy and boundless enthusiasm.  They don’t have a tow end quantity some may want but the quality is fab and has an impressive punch fro a single BA.  The mids are wonderfully clear and open.  Rather dry but so expressively open and forthright.  They do have a little too much energy up top and sometimes a lady can be a little too enthusiastic and attention grabbing.  Not quite shouty and thankfully never sibilant but too piercing.  The treble has rather a great deal of energy too, a little too much maybe.  Thankfully it’s not hard edged and it can decay and shimmer really well for a BA.  These really make me think of an Ety that’s out to party and has taken way too much caffeine.  Fabulous clarity and outstanding instrument separation but somewhat unable to calm itself down.  Too much enthusiasm all the time which will either drive you crazy or you will adore it.  It is a wildly fun and bouncy IEM so maybe not the one you want if you listen to smooth relaxing music.  It can’t really do it.  If you just want energetic stuff then its a bucket load of bounce, especially if you give it a bass boosting amp to partner up with.  Fun, fun, fun whether you like it or not.

Value:  Fab if you want that sort of sound.  Super fun all the time with a clarity that pretty much spanks any comparably priced Dynamic.

Pro’s:   Fabulous fun, superb instrument separation, super clear open sound.

Con’s:  bass quantity isn’t vast, upper mid and treble energy is a bit too much, can’t really play nice with the relaxing stuff.

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