Saturday, 14 January 2012

Vsonic GR06 Quick Review

Vsonic GR06 Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief: Vsonic once more slays all before it.

Price: £32

Specification: Impedance 24 Ohm, Cable Length 1.3m, Sensitivity > 108dB, Frequency Range 10 Hz - 20000 Hz, Driver 11mm High-Dynamic CCAW Drive Unit

Accessories: 1 Set Foam Ear Tips, 1 Set of Bi Flanges, 3 Sets of Hybrids with Foam, 3 Silicone Ear Tips (S/M/L), 5 Sets of Hybrids, Silicone Ear Hook, Storage Case, Warranty Card

Build Quality: Very good, excellent cable.

Isolation: It’s okay, it’s enough for normal out and about usage but nothing special. About average for a dynamic of this type. Still probably enough to make you road kill if you aren’t used to isolating IEM’s but not the one the pick for that flight to New Zealand.

Comfort/Fit: I’ll grant that its square shape may be off putting but like its siblings they gave me not the slightest hint of trouble. I can’t promise the same for all but I do not recall seeing anyone else having any problems either. Plus they come with so many tips I’m sure at worst you just have to try more till you get the one for you.

Aesthetics: I really rather like them, I like the bronzy colour particularly on the cable. It’s not garish and vulgar but still adds a little hint of colour to them. The buds are the same colour and again it’s nice that it’s something other than black.

Sound: I naturally want to compare these to their siblings the GR07 and in comparison the just fall short all over the place. They are just not anything like as good. Then I remember these just have stupid names and are priced a million miles away from the excellent and great value GR07. Sound wise though they are nothing like a million miles away. They are stylistically a bit of a departure for Vsonic, much more of a warm and thick sound than I’m used to seeing. I miss the air and transparency that they do so well. What you get here though is a thick, luscious sound that is full of power and yet still can do shimmering delicate treble. It’s not too unlike one of my favourites, Senn’s IE7. It’s a beautifully natural (okay maybe a little bass heavy) sound that flows over the ears. It’s still got the speed and agility though to spring to life and dance with a musicality that puts many costing vastly more to shame. Bass could do with better extension; mids could do with more transparency and be dryer. Highs could have more edge but really I cannot complain. These sound freaking fantastic. Bassy, warm and oodles of bounce with clear yet smooth treble. Vsonic are onto a winner here.

Value: Insanely good. These beat the poo out of everything near their price. Unless you have a very particular requirement them these can be bested but otherwise these are like their brothers. Excel nowhere but so good at everything no all rounder can touch them.

Pro’s: Freakin’ awesome sounding. Great cable. Stupid cheap.

Con’s: Won’t really suit treble heads, not something to use on the Tube.

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