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Blox M2C Review

Blox M2C Review

First Impressions:  Well there have been sat for practically forever as I have been busy of late and as you may know I am no lover of buds.  Frankly I always find the things uncomfortable and usually they sound crap too.  On having a listen to these I’m a bit taken back.  These are pretty good, I don’t really have any other buds to compare them too hand though. (Actually I may as I haven’t handed back a bunch of stuff yet.  Oh, 10 seconds tell me my mind wasn’t inventing things.)  Holy crap I thought these were supposed to be US$40, that is crazy.  These are waaaaaay good, honestly if these were comfortable I’d be super happy with these right now.

Why can’t I see any reviews about these?


Source 1G iPod Shuffle with a 75 ohm adapter added and an HM-601

Lows:  First things first, these are buds.  What that means is it cannot go low. Oh I’m sure the driver can but to be able for my ears to pick it up I’d have to ram and hold them in.  For whatever reason your interested in these that is just what happens with buds and I will assume that is a compromise your relatively happy to make.  So what we get is a bass that is a bit of a big hump that sounds a touch out of place at times.  But there is bass, it’s not extended but it’s slamming and punchy.  A little monotone but I feel I am holding these things to too high a standard.  Also I f I really wanted more bass I could always add in a FiiO.  Quality wise though I cannot really fault it, so clean, so super clean.  If you can’t already tell it’s not exactly stirring the soul however.


Mids:  Jaw dropping good for this money.  I had to go double check what this was supposed to sell for.  Much time had passed and I just had them in my head as being some pretty cheap buds.  I probably want like them and they won’t be comfortable so I wasn’t paying huge attention.  Fcuk me, these are so not what I expected, so open and such transparency!  These are just excellent.  All rather over to the open and dry airy side of things but even with more liquid voices like Nora Jones the air and transparency is fantastic.  They are hugely expressive and detailed, something you could sit and listen to something and pick it apart.  Inversely its maybe not the most relaxed listening experience, these can’t really give much in the way of warmth and fluidity.  You pays your money and takes your choices.

For this money these is no way you’ll be disappointed.


Highs:  Fantastic, not just fantastic for the money but really pushing towards outright fantastic.  These are stunning at this price, just stunning, stupidly stunning.  These are horrifyingly transparent and clear you will immediately be forced to bin and crappy bit rate stuff you have.  The treble here i should warn is pretty abundant and it’s a little more apparent due to the bud nature (bass, not huge then drives of a cliff with lead weights) but if you looking at this product you probably want that.  Honestly this is superb.  The treble has just a hint of crispness to it and then a light, delicate yet ever so clear shimmery decay.  I’m pretty treble sensitive but here it’s done so well, as only the best dynamics can, that I really enjoyed it. 

Quantity wise it is a touch abundant and given its clarity if you feed it crap it will take no prisoners.  It will kill you so be warned.

Soundstage:  Not really what I’d call enveloping but it does give a beautiful and open presentation.  It is rather to the left, the right and something in the middle.  Wonderfully open and airy though so I can happily forgive its lack of scale and grandeur.


Fit:  Shove in, done ish, I don’t play well with buds but they are all more or less the same.  Either it works for you or it doesn’t.

Comfort:  YMMV but these, like all buds, I find rather uncomfortable. 

Microphonics:  None, it’s a bud.

Amped/Unamped:  Now maybe it was that I use a pretty powerful amped DAP (the 1G Shuffle) but I really didn’t see a huge change, they liked the impedance added but not vast differences going on.


Isolation:  See microphonics.

Build Quality:  Okay, they weigh nothing and the cable reminds me of earbuds in the 90’s.  Actually the buds do too, nothing wrong with them but they aren’t wowing me.

Accessories:  Erm I got none but I don’t have a retail set, not sure what you might want though bar a case which ebay can provide.

Value:  Awesome.  With the proviso you want buds and are happy with the low end trade off.  Clarity and transparency are so good I had to double check these were only supposed to go for US$40, that does not happen often.


Conclusion:  Okay, I don’t like buds, they are horrid uncomfortable things and they can’t do a low note.  These don’t break that mould, they don’t really try to either unlike the Hisoundaudio offerings.  These however offer a stunning level of transparency, insane for US$40, which is what, just under £26 according to Google today.  That’s amazingly good sound quality for the money.  Sure they look a bit, erm naff but who cares, honestly who cares these ore just jaw droppingly good in terms of clarity.  Sure they don’t nail everything, they cant really do warm and rich sounding, they can’t do much in the way of a low note either.  Sure they can do a little punch and have a bit of a go to holding a low note but their physically open nature precluded the possibility of actually transmitting low frequencies into your ear unless you really ram it in there.  I will also offer up that the treble way a be a bit abundant for some and if you listen to treble heavy stuff or gritty recordings these will do you no favours.  Great quality or no there is just a little bitty too much more gentle, delicate ears.

If you are looking for a bud that offers excellent clarity and transparency, then these are an absolute steal. 

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