Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dunu Ares (DN-11) Quick Review

Dunu Ares (DN-11) Quick Review

Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample

Brief: MTPG on the cheap.

Price: £45

Specification: Model No. Ares. Fi11Ov (DN-11), Type HQ (6mm), Sound pressure level 105+-2dB, Impedance 26 ohms, F. Response 1OHz~20KHz, Noise Attenuation 26dB, Weight 25g, Plug Size 3.5mm Gold-plated, Cord Length 1.2 m

Accessories: 7, yes 7 pairs of tips and 3 different cases.

Build Quality: First rate, metal, solid and I don’t think anyone could possibly ask for better.

Isolation: For BA not the best but it’s still a BA so more than enough easily for normal day to day use and to get you run over if you aren’t paying attention. I’d be happy to use them on short flights too but maybe not for daily tube use.

Comfort/Fit: Absolutely fine. They do insist on being worn a bit shallow or I could see then really dig in painfully but using a little larger tip than usual and all was just dandy for me.

Aesthetics: On paper I should hate how these look but I actually don’t. In fact I think I quite like them. They aren’t the most subtle things ever but still I find them pleasing to the eye and I particularly like the red and blue bands to tell them apart. However if you want something that’s quiet and restrained looking then there probably are not for you, the gold is more than a touch blingy.

Sound: Weird but in a very good way. They sound like a BA that has been tuned to be as dynamic like as they can and I think they may have just about got the best qualities of both. Not unlike a cheap attempt at a Moving Armature driver. So it doesn’t quite do the creamy smoothness and mid range detail of a normal BA. It does them well enough and really does better in the low end and highs than you would expect. It’s pretty evenly balanced. It even has an impressively large soundstage to boot and you don’t really ever get that on BA stuff. Still not getting carried away it’s not perfect and it doesn’t really excel anywhere in particular so if you have a particular sound signature in mind it may well not be this. Also if you’re expecting CX300 levels of bass then you will be sorely disappointed. It may be a little tiny bit bass heavy and move more air than most BA things but it’s no low end flabby bass monster. So if you think them bass light then give them time but I’m not sure their blingy target market will be inclined to do that.

Value: Great value, others can do things better but it’s a very good all round sound, very well built and has a certain aesthetic appeal.

Pro’s: It’s good at everything, super well made and looks fab.

Con’s: It’s not the “best” at anything, its looks wont suit everyone.

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