Sunday, 17 July 2011

HiFiMAN RE-272 Quick Review

HiFiMAN RE-272 Quick Review

Thanks to Head Direct for the samples.

Brief: HiFiMAN’s flagship of the week.

Price: US$249

Specification: Driver Size: 9 mm Impedance: 20 Ohm Efficiency: 103 dB Frequency: 15 Hz to 22K Hz 30 days refund and 3 year warranty.

Accessories: A heap of tips, 3 cables and a shirt clip.

Build Quality: Nice, certainly I can’t see anything to complain about.

Isolation: Pretty good for a dynamic. It is at the upper end of what a dynamic will do and while I’m quite sure it will be enough to get you hit with a bus because you didn’t hear it, it isn’t challenging the best BA stuff. So as always not what I would picking for daily Tube use or for that trip to New Zealand.

Comfort/Fit: Very good. It’s identical to the 262. I did get a little venting / air pressure issues but nothing major, certainly nothing that I’d call a problem.

Aesthetics: In the photos that I had seen they looked very silvery and very shiny. In front of me they look nothing like that. They are nothing more than a silvery black that while reasonably pretty is mostly non descript. If you’re looking for bling these aren’t it.

Sound: Stellar. Actually brilliant may be the most apt word given both senses hold true. They are incredibly spectacular in their bright, hyper detailed and forward sound. Brilliant really is an ideal word for them as they are so very bright. So long as you want and can deal with their very spectacular and treble happy nature then you will love them. They have arguably the best treble of any IEM even besting its very accomplished siblings. They are quite phenomenal. A word of warning though, I suspect you will want to have a bass boosting amp to drive these. They may not actually need amping (though of course they benefit from it) but I think there is a pretty good chance you will want the extra bass. The other thing about them is they are so detailed I couldn’t help but listen to individual instruments rather than listen to the whole. Not sure I could really call this a fault but for me it did mean I never melted into the music like I can with the RE-262.

Value: Excellent. I know of nowhere you can get this sound for any price let alone this price.

Pro’s: Hyper stupidly crazy detailed. Just amazingly good sounding.

Con’s: Kinda bright and so analytical you may forget to actually enjoy the music you’re listening to. No case.

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