Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sunrise i100 Quick Review

Sunrise i100 Quick Review

Thanks to UKheadphones and Sunrise Audio for the samples.

Brief: A Sunrise with a mic and button that you’ll be happy to wake up to.

Price: I've been told they will be less than £30

Specification: ?

Accessories: ?

Build Quality: Good, looks nice and is very tactile. Solid.

Isolation: Rather a lot for a dynamic, certainly enough to get you hit with a bus you never heard behind you.

Microphonics: Worn up not really any but quite a bit if worn down, they do come with a shirt clip so you can mostly remove with it with that.

Comfort/Fit: Comfort was great for me, nice small buds that sat in my ear just fine. Fit however was a pain, major venting issues so it took a lot of fiddling to get them sounding right and more time than I’m happy to spend on such a thing. Still it’s not a problem for everyone but no venting always causes me trouble.

Aesthetics: Honestly it’s kinda bland, they aren’t ugly or offensive in anyway but they aren’t in any way attractive. They are just little black non descript buds.

Sound: Very, very good. They have a great balance, so even and controlled yet never boring sounding. They behave so well and even if you really push them they just back down, erring on the side of caution. They never became harsh or aggressive yet still can do sparkle and lively. It really is an impressive all round and well packaged sound, so much so I think only the M3 is springing to being as being so well balanced sounding. I like it, I like it a lot.

Value: Hard to say exactly since I have no price for them but I suspect it’s going to pretty damn good value. Of course assuming the venting issue isn’t a problem for you or you’re happy to live with it.

Pro’s: High isolation, sound awesome, a paragon of good balance, good control and lively and exciting.

Con’s: Lack of venting, visually bland, venting issues,

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