Saturday, 19 March 2011

t-JAYS one Quick Review

t-JAYS one Quick Review

Thanks to Advanced Headphones for the samples (AMP3’s sister site)

Brief: Low end t-JAYS.

Price: A gnats whisker below £60

Specification: 10 mm Dynamic Speaker, 96dB @ 1kHz, 16 Ohm @ 1kHz, 18 Hz – 20kHz

Accessories: 5 pairs of ear tips, a stereo splitter and a flight adapter.

Build Quality: Flawlessly impeccable.

Isolation: Fairly reasonable for a dynamic, enough to shut out most of the world’s irritations but not going to cut it for a flight to New Zealand.

Microphonics: If you wear them down rather a lot but if you wear them up you don’t really get any.

Comfort/Fit: I must admit I had real concerns here given their unusual shape but when I used them I had no trouble. I can’t promise of course that you will have the same experience and there must be some ears that these won’t fit given their weird shape. For me though they were absolutely fine to use for a whole day.

Aesthetics: Ooooooh, drool. Pretty, pretty, pretty and pretty. All in that Swedish, effortless and understated way.

Sound: Jays, as a company I love you. These however, not so much. First off they are tuned for a prodigious bass output and that’s nothing I love, not just prodigious but overwhelming. Yes I know there are many out there will just love that sort of sound and for them these may become contenders, after all someone is buying things like Skullcandy and those Dr. Dre things. Perhaps Jays feel there is a market for that kind of bass driven sound but that actually look tasteful? It’s entirely possible but I am not in that demographic. I would also like to think that something spending an amount that to normal people seems vast. Well £60 more than the free junk that came with your player is a huge difference. Wouldn’t they then want something a bit more balanced? Maybe it’s just me but all that bass was just oppressive. The rest of the frequency range was left behind and just didn’t have the abilities of the best of what else is out there fro the same money.

Value: On sound alone these aren’t the best value out there but i can see to some they may be better. If you want a big bass heavy sound then not much has as much as is here. The build quality too is a real selling point and that big two year warranty is pretty great for a product at this price. For some right there is the only selling point they need. However if it was me I’d still find it impossible hard to buy these and not put down the little extra for their higher model siblings. I haven’t heard them but for such a relatively small increase I can imagine not paying the difference.

Pro’s: Gargantuan, enormous bass, visual elegance, great warranty.

Con’s: Gargantuan, enormous bass, others sound better for the money, too close to its siblings.

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